By Subject
Fedora (© Michael Magill)
City, NYC (© Marc Yankus)
19th Birthday, 1968 (© Steve Curtis)
Rose, 1970 (© Ernst Haas)
Southend (© Marcus Doyle)
Winston Churchill (© Alfred Eisenstaedt)
The Photojournalist (© Andreas Feininger)
Hollywood (© Marcus Doyle)
Lakeshoe Dr. Penthouse (© Alex MacLean)
Crowd Kiss (© William Lovelace/Stringer)
Roads to Nowhere (© Lucie & Simon)
Candela 26 (© Benjamin Antony Monn)
Blackpool Railings: Two women chatti... (© Bert Hardy)
Princess Bianca (© Slim Aarons)
Dinner Party (© Paul Robinson)
Italo Ceccotti on the Appian Way (© George Daniell)
Poolside Gossip (© Slim Aarons)
Elizabeth Taylor (© Michael Tighe)
Apples (© John Arsenault)
Lucas (© Marc Yankus)
Hill and Posts (© Frank Grisdale)
Rose, 1970 (© Ernst Haas)
Winter Sports: Three skiers in actio... (© Topical Press Agency/Stringer)
Tina Turner (© Douglas Kent Hall)
City, NYC (© Marc Yankus)
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