Bert Hardy      
Audrey's Funny Face: Actress Audrey ... (© Bert Hardy)
Back Yard Lovers (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Beach Romance (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Blackpool Railings: Two women chatti... (© Bert Hardy)
Chef Toasts Tour (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Couples Kissing: Couples kissing at ... (© Bert Hardy)
Funny Face: 1956: Actress Audrey Hep... (© Bert Hardy)
Gorbal Boys, 31st January 1948, Limi... (© Bert Hardy)
Happy Hepburn: 7th July 1956: Actres... (© Bert Hardy)
Hepburn At Paris: Belgian-born US ac... (© Bert Hardy)
Holiday Dress (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Hostel Bath: A man taking a bath in ... (© Bert Hardy)
Ingrid Bergman (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Italian Party: A party given by the ... (© Bert Hardy)
Mercedes Racer (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Mountain Stage (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Sailing Trip (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Smithfield Market: Smithfield meat m... (© Bert Hardy)
Spanish Dancer: British sailors taki... (© Bert Hardy)
Street Corner (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Sugar's Sweet Car (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)
Torchlit Parade (© Bert Hardy/Stringer)

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